Bitcoin Investor’s political views might not be what you think.

Bitcoin Investor’s political views might not be what you think.

A couple months ago I posted a survey on Reddit, Twitter and Bitcoin Forum and asked a series of questions about demographics and politics. Over 1430 Bitcoin investors gave me their input. The results where pretty surprising….

When I first got into Bitcoin the community was heavy libertarian leaning, maybe even anarchist. Most of the people I talked to regarding the topic where highly optimistic and full of lofty goals. Things have changed quite a bit with this all this new adoption.

Status: When it comes to economics and finances the largest income bracket where those who make less then $20,000 a year and also identified as students.

Bitcoin Distribution: 65.4% of all respondents bought their first Bitcoin this year (2017). A good portion of investors don’t have all their eggs in the basket. About 40% of all Bitcoin holders have less then 10% of their savings in Bitcoin. 57% have less then 1 Bitcoin and 32% have between 1–10 Bitcoin. 9% have between 10–100 Bitcoin and the 1% remains to those holding more then 100 Bitcoin.

Gender: One of the most prominent things I noticed was that Bitcoin investors are almost entirely male — (94.7%) I imagine this hasn’t changed much since the early days. Hopefully it will as we pick up steam.

Education: Bitcoin investors hold high degrees of education. Most graduated college with a degree or are planning to in the future.

Politics: An overwhelming majority do not support Donald Trump (68.5%) With a minority (18%) in support of Donald Trump and his actions. Despite that Bitcoin Investors do not support Black Lives Matter or Milo Yiannopoulos the conservative provocateur. There was a slight majority leaning left oppose to right wing politics. Support for political parties told a similar story with Libertarians being the largest, followed by democrat and Socialist. What I gathered from this is two camps; the Libertarians who are socially liberal and economically conservative and then the democrats and Bernie like socialists in the other. The latter being the strongest group. Over 70% said if their government where to ban Bitcoin they would hide it.

Age: Bitcoin investors are young, 78.8% are under the age of 32.

Info: You can find the question responses here if you’d like to take a look! If your interested in taking a deeper look at the data and doing some cross question analytics send me a private message!

We’d love to hear your views on this…