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Aftcra is an online marketplace where you can buy and sell American handmade products. Our mission is to support local artists and artisans living in America by connecting them with handmade admirers across the globe. Our partners are our users, so we strive to ensure that aftcra is constantly evolving to fit our buyer’s and seller’s needs.

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  • Launched date 2012
  • Employees 60
  • Headquarters Milwaukee Wisconsin, U.S
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Erica Riegelman


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  • Revenue in 2020 $3.5 M
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Aftcra is an online marketplace that facilitates the sale and purchase of American handmade products. The company seeks to support local American artisans by expanding their reach, connecting them with people around the world.

Aftcra is a relatively new company. Founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, as a small team of handmade enthusiasts, it formally launched in October 2013.

The company name, “aftcra” is an anagram for “a craft.” The company stresses a family-like, humble approach to business while also having fun.

Aftcra says that its goal is to “sustain a marketplace that you can call your own while showcasing items that you’ve created without all of the typical clutter.”

So if you’re looking to earn some extra cash by selling some of the odds and ends you have lying around your home, then aftcra is not for you. You may instead be interested in sites like eBay, Craigslist, or a variety of other selling apps which allow you more flexibility in your listings.

Original Idea

original ideaoriginal idea

Brief History


Aftcra was founded by Erica Riegelman.

May Aftcra practices the art of online craft sales.

Network Features

Network Features
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The site only allows the sale of goods made in the USA. Although the site connects you with buyers around the globe, the handmade products themselves must be American-made.

Aftcra also seeks to maintain a boutique approach when it comes to selling. It aims to drive traffic to sellers’ pages while cutting down on the clutter typically associated with showcasing items.

The company stresses a community feel. Sellers in the handmade marketplace make up the community. Those who serve their communities receive a badge they can place on their shop page.

Aftcra doesn’t provide examples of what it considers to be “serving the community,” but encourages you to email to share your story of community involvement.

Aftcra recognizes that “handmade” can be a subjective term. The company says that to sell unique gifts on its site, the products must not be made by a manufacturer.

At most, it should be an artist working with a small team to produce the products. A great example would be a freelance visual artist who works with an artist’s manager or an artist’s assistant.

There are no qualification requirements, per se. The company says it prefers to be inclusionary rather than exclusionary. If you’d like clarification about whether you can sell your products, you can contact before listing.

If someone in the community calls your products into question, a member of the aftcra team will reach out to you, as the shop owner, for clarification. If you fail to meet the company’s guidelines, your store shop may close.

Lastly, remember that sellers must live in the United States to sell their goods. Aftcra requires you to submit a zip code when registering. The company may have missed some zip codes when creating its database, however, and advises you to contact them if your zip code appears as invalid.



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