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ArtFire is a marketplace, craft, and maker community where people from around the world come together to buy, sell and interact. Located in the heart of the Tucson Arts District, ArtFire partners with Maker House to offer a community creative destination that supports local makers and indie businesses.

Quick Fact


  • Ranked #38,601th worldwide
  • Active users 65 M
  • Type Shopping Networks
  • Launched date 2008
  • Employees 93
  • Headquarters Tucson, Arizona, U.S
  • Parent company None


John Jacobs


  • Brand value In 2020 N/A
  • Revenue in 2020 $10.1 M
  • Net loss In 2020 N/A

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Original Idea

original ideaoriginal idea

Brief History


ArtFire was founded by John Jacobs.

Network Features

Network Features
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Experienced ArtFire sellers will tell you that ArtFire ( is fantastic for getting your creations in front of shoppers seeking one-of-a-kind or handmade items.

  • Tiered pricing allows smaller-scale artisans to pay a smaller monthly fee and no additional listing fees.
  • A very active community of ArtFire shop owners.
  • Great customer service for buyers and sellers, including helping shop owners with SEO, social media, and other online marketing strategies to rank in Google search results.
  • The ability to sell up to 10 items at a time for free or an unlimited number of items for a set fee.
  • Random search results (not the newest item first), which allows you a better chance of exposure if your listing isn’t new.
  • The ability for shoppers to buy on without setting up an account by entering credit card and shipping details during checkout (lower barrier to entry!).


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