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Big Cartel is an American software company building a platform to help artists sell their work online. The company was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in Salt Lake City, UT. In 2018, the company was named to the Forbes Small Giants list of standout small businesses across America.

Quick Fact


  • Ranked #5,629th worldwide
  • Active users N/A
  • Type Shopping Networks
  • Launched date Oct 4, 2005
  • Employees 46
  • Headquarters Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S
  • Parent company None


Matt Wigham
Eric Turner


  • Brand value In 2020 N/A
  • Revenue in 2020 $10.3 M
  • Net loss In 2020 N/A


OverviewScreenshots. (via

Big Cartel is a cloud-hosted e-commerce platform, meaning you can build and operate your store from any device with internet access. You have the option to use one of its free themes to get your online store up and running, or you can create a truly unique design through its API.

Big Cartel is made for artists, by artists, so while you can sell just about anything on the site, it was specifically designed with custom and handmade goods in mind — from clothing to art to jewelry and more.

When building your online store with Big Cartel, there are several plan options — including a free one — to choose from. The plan you pick will depend on how many items you want to sell, as well as which features you want to access.

While it’s easy to think of Big Cartel as a marketplace, this is not the case. The store you create using Big Cartel will be an individual, standalone site. Plus, Big Cartel doesn't take a cut of your sales, as many marketplaces do. This makes it a great solution for smaller enterprises or for people who create and sell their goods as a hobby. However, if you don’t run a creative business, have more than 500 products (Big Cartel’s maximum), or want more robust features, you will likely want to explore other e-commerce platforms.

Original Idea

original ideaoriginal idea

Brief History


The platform has expanded to support all types of creators, from fashion designers to bakers, to start their own customizable online shop and sell their work.

Oct Big Cartel was founded by Matt Wigham and Eric Turner.

The platform had nearly a million clients, garnered over $2.4 billion in sales to artists, and was named in Forbes' list of America's Best Small Companies.

Network Features

While the platform is very simple to use, it comes with limited yet easy-to-access features. It has an adequate number of features to set up a basic and simple store to start selling online. Here are some noteworthy features of Big Cartel which every beginner must know:

Order management

Order management is very convenient and easy in Big Cartel. You have to log in to and head to the orders section. There you can manage orders, check order history, print packaging slips, track orders. From there, you can also export bulk order history via the CSV file.

In the orders section, you can check the complete history of orders and customers. On every “order” page, there are some simple management tools to fulfill the order. You can fulfill the order by following these steps:

  • When you receive the order, click on the order detail page.
  • Choose the “Print Packaging Slip” option and edit customer shipping details.
  • If you wish, you can add a private note.
  • Check the history of the order and payment details before marking it as “fulfilled”.
  • Once you have checked the details and dropped it in the mail, mark the order as “fulfilled”.

Big Cartel also lets you integrate with dropshipping or POD apps like Printful to sell custom merchandise online. Here is how you can connect your Big Cartel store with Printful:

  • Create your Printful account and head to the “settings” section.
  • Now click “connect” under the Big cartel icon. It will redirect you to Big cartel.
  • Click on “Allow” to grant access to Printful. Your Big Cartel store is now connected to Printful. Add items from Printful to your store.
  • Printful will get notified and process the order with your brand’s packaging within 3-5 days whenever the order comes. You don’t need to process orders as Printful will fulfill the order.

Inventory management

Big Cartel’s inventory management and tracking system notify sellers when the product goes out of stock. You can manage your inventory and keep track of the number of available products. The inventory management feature automatically deducts the sold items from available stock.

This way, you can track how much inventory is left in your store hassle-free. To enable inventory tracking, follow these simple steps:

  • Log in to your Big Cartel panel and go to “Account”.
  • Click on “Edit Preferences” and Turn on “Inventory Tracking”.
  • Now click on the “product icon” on the top.
  • You can then add or edit your product listing and update the quantity available in the stock. By doing so, your inventory will get updated after every sale, and you will get notified about “out of stock” items.
  • Payment processing

    Payment processing
																	Payment processing. (via

    Big Cartel integrates with three types of payment methods for in-person sales. It supports POS (point of sale) integration to sell products online and offline. Using the same Stripe account, you can collect payments in person. It will keep track of your payments and inventory to keep everything in sync. In this way, Big Cartel supports both online and offline sales channels.

    All these three payment methods are reliable and compatible with android and iOS. One thing to note is that Big Cartel doesn’t charge any transaction fees on sales. You only have to pay processing fees applicable by payment gateways. Here is the brief of all three payment methods and their processing charges:

    Stripe: It allows payment from both online and in-person sales. Stripe accepts almost all kinds of credit cards with processing fees of 2.9% + $0.30 for each transaction. Also, it works with Apple Pay for instant and smooth checkout.

    Paypal: Paypal is a well-known reliable payment processor that allows smooth online payments. To integrate PayPal into Big Cartel, you need to have a Paypal Business Account. Paypal charges 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction as processing fees. After integrating Paypal, you can accept payment from Venmo and Paypal Credit.

    Square: Square provides added security and accepts almost all credit cards. It charges 2.75%, or 3.5% plus $0.15, per transaction as processing fees. Also, you can use Square Readers for ioS to make sales at crafts fairs, concerts, and other markets.

    All these payment processors are compatible with Big Cartel, and you can choose the best one for you as per your needs.

    Abandoned cart recovery

    One of Big Cartel’s main drawbacks is that it doesn’t have an abandoned cart recovery option. It is a useful feature that allows you to send a reminder mail to the customer when they left products in the cart without checkout. It also helps to increase sales and let you understand which products have low sales. So, you must keep this in mind while setting up your store on Big Cartel.

    Reporting and analytics

    Big Cartel’s dashboard offers you all the reports and analytics you need to analyze your sales and audience. Via the dashboard, you can track order status and conversion rate. The paid plans of Big Cartel come with Google Analytics. It provides you with detailed analytics of your customers, where they are coming from, and what they are looking to buy. Using these stats, you can plan discount offers and market your products in a better way.

    Multi-channel support

    The multi-channel support feature helps you improve your store’s marketing, sales, and shipping. It helps you to integrate your eCommerce store to various sales channels like Amazon, Facebook, etc.



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