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Ecwid is an e-commerce platform enabling individuals and businesses to create an online store or add those to existing websites.

Quick Fact


  • Ranked #10,554th worldwide
  • Active users 130 M
  • Type Shopping Networks
  • Launched date Sep 2009
  • Employees 148
  • Headquarters Encinitas, CA, U.S
  • Parent company Lightspeed POS

    (2021 - Present)


Ruslan Fazlyev


  • Brand value In 2020 $500 M
  • Revenue in 2020 $7.8 M
  • Net loss In 2020 N/A


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Ecwid is an e-commerce platform that enables individuals and businesses to add a full-featured store to any existing website while preserving its design. It can be integrated into any online website, mobile site, or social network. It helps merchants converge their offline and online sales through its POS and mobile POS integration, so they can sell their products anywhere, at any time, and from any device.

Ecwid provides online selling solutions for small businesses and enables them to establish a digital storefront in a matter of hours. It also offers merchants access to key marketplaces, including Amazon and Google, access to a ring.

Original Idea

original ideaoriginal idea

It all started more than years ago, five years before Shopify was founded. Two 20-year old entrepreneurs Ruslan and Yury from the Russian city of Ulyanovsk founded a startup called Creative Technologies. In 2000 they released X-cart, the first commercial PHP Shopping Cart in the world. It was Open Source, downloadable, and based on PHP — which was the hot tech stack in those days. The company never raised any venture capital (who heard about VC back then in Russia anyways?), being profitable from day one. They were riding the rapidly rising wave of e-commerce and successfully acquiring thousands of customers in North America without ever setting foot on the ground there.

It gradually turned into a lifestyle business for the founders, but it was just not in Ruslan’s character to remain idle. In 2009 he came up with a new product idea: an online merchant should be able to set up a storefront on an already existing website (or on any other HTML page — like a blog or social network) without rebuilding the whole new site from scratch! His solution was beautiful in its simplicity: widgets! And JavaScript (more precisely AJAX, the newest tech trending in 2009 like PHP in 2000) was to power the web application! To top it all up, the idea itself gave its name to the product: E-Commerce WIDgets = ECWID.

The new product was launched in less than 9 months and the first merchants started building their ECWID stores already in September same year. The fundamental idea was to democratize e-commerce: building an ECWID store required no coding and a basic version could be set up at no cost (freemium model allowed that), in less than an hour by anyone who had access to the Internet. Impressive and truly global traction immediately after the launch was the undeniable proof of product-market fit. Bingo!

The vision sounds simple, right? Something a random college grad with a bit of wit and luck could have created? The real foundation of ECWID was the founders’ decade-long experience in e-commerce, their profound knowledge of merchants’ needs and aspirations plus a visionary understanding of the industry trends. Also, the whole core product team led by zealous ECWID evangelist Eugene Kaznacheev (who started in X-cart 5 years earlier as a support engineer) were not first-timers either. Perfection of ECWID was in their attention to tiny details while building the product.

Brief History

Sep Ruslan Fazlyev founded Ecwid.
Dec Ecwid announced an acquisition of $1.5M in Series A funding.
Jan Facebook platform Payvement announced shutdown and transition of 200,000 merchants to Ecwid.
Jun integrated Ecwid’s store builder application for its 35 million users.
Jul Website maker Webydo formed a partnership with Ecwid.
Feb partnered with Ecwid to launch an integrated e-commerce tool for online storefronts.
May Ecwid announced an acquisition of $5 million in Series B funding.
Jul Endurance International Group announced the offering of Ecwid’s e-commerce solution for its customers.
Jan Ecwid introduced eBay integration that simplified the export of goods to auctions.
May Ecwid reports more than 500,000 users in more than 175 countries and territories.
Jul Ecwid was acquired by Lightspeed POS.

Network Features

Network Features
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Ecwid quickly and easily integrates with various websites, blogs, and social media networks including Wordpress, Instagram, and Facebook without any software installation or server configuration.

Ecwid is optimized for mobile phones and tablets, making the user’s store look clean and professional from any device.

Many POS systems synchronize with Ecwid’s shopping cart making checkouts and payment transactions easy to complete, even when on the go.

Customers can mark items as ‘favorite’ and see real-time shipping rates based on their location from companies like FedEx, USPS, and UPS.

Sell more than just physical products with Ecwid’s option for listing digital and virtual products (e-goods) that are delivered to customers by download.


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