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Flipboard is a news aggregator and social network aggregation company based in Palo Alto, California, with offices in New York, Vancouver, and Beijing. Its software, also known as Flipboard, was first released in Jul 2010.

Quick Fact


  • Ranked #9,626th worldwide
  • Active users 145 M
  • Type Bookmarking Networks
  • Launched date July 21, 2010
  • Employees 194
  • Headquarters Palo Alto, California, U.S.
  • Parent company None


Mike McCue New York City


  • Brand value In 2020 $800 M
  • Revenue in 2020 $39.8 M
  • Net loss In 2020 N/A

Hackers Stole User Details

Hackers Stole User DetailsFlipboard resets millions of

user passwords after a hacker accessed its system.

(via digitalinformationworld.com)

Flipboard, a news aggregator service and mobile news app, has started notifying users today of a security incident during which hackers had access to internal systems for more than nine months.

In a series of emails seen by ZDNet that the company sent out to impacted users, hackers gained access to databases the company was using to store customer information.

Most passwords are secure

These databases stored information such as Flipboard usernames, hashed and uniquely salted passwords, and in some cases, emails or digital tokens that linked Flipboard profiles to accounts on third-party services.

The good news appears to be that the vast majority of passwords were hashed with a strong password-hashing algorithm named bcrypt, currently considered very hard to crack.

Some passwords were hashed with the weaker SHA-1 algorithm, but they were not many.

Not all accounts impacted

We are did not disclose the exact number of accounts to which hackers had access, but it did say that not all Flipboard accounts were impacted.

In the email, we are now resetting all customer passwords, regardless if users were impacted or not, out of an abundance of caution.

Furthermore, the company has already replaced all digital tokens that customers used to connect Flipboard with third-party services like Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Samsung.

Extensive breach

But despite some good news for users, the breach appears to be quite extensive, at least for the company's IT staff.

Hackers had access to its internal systems for almost nine months, first between June 2, 2018, and Mar 23, 2019, and then for a second time between Apr 21 and Apr 22, 2019.

The company detected the breach the day after this second intrusion, on Apr 23, while investigating suspicious activity on its database network.

Flipboard notified law enforcement of the security breach.

Original Idea

original ideaoriginal idea

This new webified version of Flipboard is the long-delayed fulfillment of a journey that goes back to the company’s birth before it launched on the iPad in 2010.

“Very, very early on, when we were first thinking about Flipboard, we thought about doing it on the web, and then later we started hearing these rumors about the iPad, and we thought okay, the iPad is really the ultimate place for us to start. We really believe, obviously, that mobile is ultimately where everything is headed. But we started to realize that having Flipboard on the desktop is important to complete the whole loop.” McCue says.

In a way, though, it was just as well that the company pressed pause on the web version for so long. Earlier browsers could never have handled the demands of something like Flipboard, which interleaves text and visual elements with a high degree of polish and fluidity.

“It’s a huge challenge frankly, I don’t think this was even possible to do in 2010 when we were first building Flipboard. HTML5 was not at that point, browsers were not at that point. And the rendering engines on the computers were not.” McCue says.

Even with today’s technologies in its toolkit, it wasn’t immediately obvious what the new browser-based version of Flipboard should be. “We didn’t want to try to make the web into something that it isn’t, we wanted to advance what we could do on the web, but not try to make the web feel like a mobile app,” McCue says.

At first blush, the design that the company came up with looks a little like Pinterest or Tumblr: Every story is boxed off, with a snippet of text, a link, and (where available) an image. But the more examine the layouts the more subtleties spot. Different stories are presented in different sizes, from small and unassuming to big, bold, and beautiful.

Though this presentation is much less literally magazine-like than earlier iterations of Flipboard for tablets and phones, it still aims to weave words and images together in a way that draws the eye to the most significant items and avoids visual monotony, giving it a spiritual kinship with the goals of print magazines.

Brief History


Flipboard launched for iPad.

Feb Touchpad calling it a "killer" iPad application.
Nov Time Magazine named it one of the 50 best inventions of 2010.
Dec Apple reviewed Flipboard positively and named the application Apple's "iPad App of the Year" in 2010.
May Flipboard was blocked by the Great Firewall of China.
Dec Launched the iPhone and iPod Touch versions.
May Flipboard was released for Android phones, beginning with the Samsung Galaxy S3.

A beta version of Flipboard for Android was released through its website.

Jun A final stable release of the Flipboard for Android was released in Google Play.
Mar Flipboard bought Zite, a magazine-style reading app, from the CNN television network.
Aug Flipboard for Windows 8 was rolled out to Windows Phone devices starting with the Nokia Lumia 2520.
Feb Flipboard became available on the web.

The company started self-censoring users using the application from China.

Jul The company raised more than $250M in funding.
Dec Zite was shut down.
Feb Flipboard updated its mobile apps for iOS and Android to 4.0.
May Flipboard disclosed a security breach that affected an unspecified number of users.

Network Features

Flipboard aggregates content from social media, news feeds, photo sharing sites, and other websites presents it in magazine format, and allows users to "flip" through the articles, images, and videos being shared.

Readers can also save stories into Flipboard magazines.

The Flipboard App Works

The Flipboard App Works
																Flipboard app. (via lifewire.com)

Flipboard works by letting you quite literally flip through stories. It has a unique gesture-based flip function that flips the page when you swipe up/down or left/right on the screen, much like flipping the page of a real magazine.

Stories appear in your home feed with an image, a headline, the source name, and how recently it was published. All you have to do is tap a story to expand it to read it in full.

Each story also includes a menu button represented by three dots in the lower right corner, allowing you to interact with the story. If you decide to "Like" one or choose to see "Less like this," Flipboard will curate content for you based on your selection. You can also flip the story into a magazine or share it via social media.

Flipboard For Work

No matter your field of work Flipboard is always standing by to help you be your best self when you’re on the job.

Conduct industry research

Conduct industry research
																Conduct industry research. (via about.flipboard.com)

Create a portfolio

Let your work shine with a show-stopping Flipboard Magazine. Whether you’re looking for new gigs or just want to keep track of your best work, a Flipboard ‘portfolio’ allows you to easily share your accomplishments with any interested parties.

Collaborate on group magazines

Collaborate with co-workers or teammates on either public or private group magazines to create presentations or share pertinent information about competitors or your industry in a time-saving and effective way.

See what your customers or community members are saying and respond in real-time

See what your customers or community members are saying and respond in real-time
																See what your customers or community members are saying and respond in real-time. (via about.flipboard.com)

By integrating your Twitter and Flipboard accounts, you can track hashtags to monitor what’s happening in real-time and engage with your community right from within the Flipboard app. In addition, any Twitter action you take on Flipboard - such as liking, RTing, and commenting—will also apply to Twitter itself, consolidating your workstreams and efforts.

Flipboard For Life

Whatever your day brings, Flipboard is right there to help you make the most of it.

Inform yourself on the go

The world seems to turn faster every day, bringing with it an equally fast-paced news cycle. Take advantage of little moments of downtime during the day to catch up on what matters. The five minutes in the grocery check-out lane, the moments while you wait for your coffee to percolate, or even the endless purgatory that is a doctor’s waiting room are great moments to flip through your Flipboard feed and keep an eye on the world.

Get wellness tips whenever you need them

From ways to shake up your exercise routine, innovative insights into achieving the always elusive work/life balance, and how to improve your overall wellness, Flipboard delivers an endless stream of inspiration to keep you humming throughout the day. Pick and choose from the many wellness topics available so that you never miss out on your daily dose of inspiration.

Eat better to live better

Whatever you most like to eat, Flipboard probably have suggestions you haven’t seen before. Flip through a treasure trove of mouthwatering recipes and easily add them to a magazine so you have them on hand whenever you’re ready to start cooking. From healthy eating to slow cooking by way of grilling and baking, your life is about to get a whole lot tastier!

Flipboard for play

All work and no play make life awfully dull. Use Flipboard to tap into your more whimsical side and let the good times roll!

Indulge in your passions

If you love it, it got. Search the topics for the subjects that make your heart beat a little faster and pepper your feed, and your day, with some of the more fun aspects of your life.

Explore new things

It’s not always easy to discover new ways to entertain ourselves, but with Flipboard, you’re only a flip or two away from discovering everything you never even knew you liked. Follow people who share your passions and discover what else makes them smile. From there, it’s just a hop, skip, and a jump until you’re finding all sorts of new ways to have fun.

Plan vacations

Sometimes the best way to play is to get away from it all. Take advantage of Flipboard’s active travel community to bring to light all the wonderful places to explore in the world. Flip through the kind of travel advice, recommendations, and stories that will make you want to pack your bags today.

Support Daily Activities

Support Daily Activities
																Screenshots. (via flipboard.helpshift.com)

Flipboard can be used to aid many activities in your day to day tasks:

Keeping up with the industry news: Gather all the top new stories and group them into a magazine that can be shared with people in your team

Content marketing: Looking for content ideas? Flipboard contains thousands of magazines covering numerous topics at your disposal to view, group, and take ideas for your own content marketing strategy.

Collaboratively: This tool can be used to discuss ideas and concepts with clients. The clients can also use it to represent the direction they want a particular project to go in.

Create your own newsletter: Integrated Flipboard with Mailchimp to give very new ‘Industry News’ updates as an email newsletter that is then sent around the office, and has been met with great success!


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