logo is a content marketing software company based in San Francisco, California. The company operates the platforms a content curation service and markets its content marketing software to businesses.

Quick Fact


  • Ranked #46,491th worldwide
  • Active users 75 M
  • Type Bookmarking Networks
  • Launched date 2007
  • Employees 25
  • Headquarters San Francisco, CA, U.S
  • Parent company Linkfluence (2018 - Present)


Guillaume Decugis France
Marc Rougier


  • Brand value In 2020 $21 M
  • Revenue in 2020 $10 M
  • Net loss In 2020 N/A

Original Idea

original ideaoriginal idea

Started for a simple reason: back years ago, Guillaume Decugis observed that Web 2.0 didn’t just bring all of an opportunity but also created an expectation that would require new tools for busy professionals.

With blogs, social networks, and content platforms, you don’t just have a chance to become a media if you’d like to: you are now expected to regularly publish content. The content publishes determines not only how visible they are online but also shapes other people’s perception of our interests, our areas of expertise, our skills, etc.

Brief History

2007 was founded as Goojet, a widget platform for mobile phones, by Guillaume Decugis and Marc Rougier.


The company launched its current content curation service in private beta.

Nov Opening to all users as a free service.

The website rapidly grew in popularity, being ranked by Alexa among the top 1,000 websites globally.

Jul The website has more than 75 million people according to VentureBeat. raised $2.6 million from Partech Ventures, Elaia Partners, Orkos Capital, and IXO Private Equity.


The company launched B2B software products such as its content marketing software launched

Oct was acquired by Linkfluence, a social media monitoring provider and Guillaume Decugis became CEO of the combined entity.

Network Features

Content Curation Tools Work

Content Curation Tools Work
																	How do content curation tools work? (via’s advanced content engine monitors global sources to find and curate relevant third-party content.

With a content curation tool you'll:

  • Boost credibility with readers and build brand awareness.
  • Establish thought leadership and strengthen influencer connections.
  • Access sources ranging from mainstream media to niche publications.

Create And Share Curated Content Pages

Create And Share Curated Content Pages
																	Create and share curated content pages. (via

Publish topic pages with curated content in minutes.

Share them with your networks to build your professional brand.

  • Create engaging web pages from the content you curate.
  • Feed your social channels automatically with curated content.
  • Embed your content pages on your website.
  • Leverage curated content in templated newsletters.

Monitor And Share Knowledge With Coworkers Privately

Monitor And Share Knowledge With Coworkers Privately
																	Monitor and share knowledge with coworkers privately. (via

Make it easy for your team to discover, curate, and share content.

  • Automate content monitoring.
  • Share curated content privately with your team.
  • Generate internal email newsletters in a few clicks.
  • Create privately curated content hubs for your team.
  • Integrate with SSO, intranet, and enterprise social networks.

Publish Curated Content For S Targeted Audience

Publish Curated Content For S Targeted Audience
																	Publish curated content for a targeted audience. (via

Leverage curated content: store, share, categorize and disseminate it.

  • Aggregate curated content on one or multiple websites.
  • Publish content on one or multiple Wordpress blogs.
  • Share your team content on multiple social media.
  • Generate customized newsletter for Mailchimp or any emailing solutions.


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