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We Heart It is an image-based social network. We Heart It describes itself as "A home for your inspiration" and a place to "Organize and share the things you love."[2] Users can collect (or "heart") their favorite images to share with friends and organize them into collections. Users can access the site through a web browser or We Heart It's iOS and Android mobile apps.

Quick Fact


  • Ranked #3,303th worldwide
  • Active users 45 M
  • Type Bookmarking Networks
  • Launched date Jan 3, 2008
  • Employees 25
  • Headquarters San Francisco, California, U.S
  • Parent company None


Fabio Giolito Brazil


  • Brand value In 2020 N/A
  • Revenue in 2020 $8 M
  • Net loss In 2020 N/A

User Weheartit

User WeheartitLogo Weheartit. (via wikipedia.org)

Anyone or any business using visuals or would like to use visuals to reach their audience will find We Heart It very effective. The audience here is very similar to that on Tumblr as they are very young.

In Dec 2013, We Heart It reached 25 million monthly users. Four out of five of the site's over 25 million users are under 24 years old, and more than 70 percent are female. We Heart It has an average user age of 19.

On average, We Heart It members spend more than 16.5 minutes on the site at a time. The average mobile app user opens the app over 25 times per month.

In Mar 2015, We Heart It introduced a new postcard feature allowing its 30 million registered users to message one another with images.

The Huffington Post cited We Heart It as one of the "10 Happiest Places On The Internet" for finding a smile or inspiration.

We Heart It was chosen as one of Google Play's Best Apps of 2013, and Best Apps of 2015.

Original Idea

original ideaoriginal idea

We Heart It was founded in 2008 by Fabio Giolito, a native of Brazil. He started the site as a side project around the idea of "hearting" photos and saving them for sharing with friends.

What started as a tool for himself and his friends, the product grew organically from there.

When growth began to surge, Fabio brought on co-founder Bruno Zanchet to help focus on infrastructure.

The two took on some seed funding and the site became an incorporated business in California in 2011.

Brief History


We Heart It was founded by Fabio Giolito.


We Heart It was incorporated in the United States.

Jun We Heart It raised $8 million in Series A funding from White Oak and IDG Ventures.
Dec We Heart It reached 25 million monthly users.
Feb We Heart It ranks 754 in Alexa's global traffic rank.
May We Heart It rolled out mobile advertising in the app.

We Heart It has launched a Heartist program to award its top users.

Mar We Heart It introduced a new postcard feature allowing its 30 million registered users to message one another with images.
Dec The companion app Easel was released.
Jan We Heart It announced a video content partnership with Popular TV.
Jun We Heart It formed a strategic partnership with influencer marketing company The Blu Market, led by co-CEOs Steven Forkosh and Jonas Brothers singer Kevin Jonas, in hopes of attracting more users and advertisers.
Aug The features Articles were released on the site to even further its users' creativity.

Network Features


																	Your WeHeartIt canvas is a streaming wall of images. (via impactsocialmedia.net)

This is basically your homepage where all your Collections show up as well as your Hearts (photos you’ve liked). Through this page, other users can get a feel of what inspires you through the visual representation presented.


																	The Hearts page contains everything you hearted (liked). (via impactsocialmedia.net)

This page contains all the photos you have liked on the platform.


																	WeHeartIt collections let you group your images. (via impactsocialmedia.net)

These are basically like boards where you get to group your interests in one place.


																	The following page lets you see who you follow. (via impactsocialmedia.net)

This page lists down the accounts you are following. There is also another Following page that displays all the Collections of the person you’re following.


																	Search for your friends on FaceBook and Twitter. (via impactsocialmedia.net)

Contains a list of the people who follow you.

Favorite tags

Favorite tags
																	View all pictures by associated tags. (via impactsocialmedia.net)

Just like Tumblr, We Heart It allows you to keep track of tags that interest you. This is where posts tagged with your interests appear.

All images

A page that displays all the latest photos in the We Heart It Community. On the far right side, you’ll also see a section devoted to Top Tags, as well as sorting options: by day, by month, and by year.


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